Bulk Packages

Bulk Packages: Goods And Services


Now offering our lowest prices on bulk media ever.

Whether you need millions next month, thousands by next week, or just a handful today, we guarantee perfect reproduction of your master, beautiful on-disc printing, and the quickest turn times in the industry.

Packages include

  • Replicated discs with 1-3 color on-disc printing.
  • Upgrade to full-color for no additional charge.
  • Assembled into the jewel case & shrink-wrapped.
  • Need more? Ask about our numerous CD & insert options.

Bulk CD Duplication

The best bulk CD duplication in the business… is here at Copycats Media. You will find our professional CD duplication plans give you the highest quality product, best service, and lowest price around. CD duplication is our bread and butter, and nobody does it better than Copycats Media.

Why bulk CD duplication? When you need thousands or even millions of CDs, it's the cheap CD duplication solution. Do you require only a few discs, maybe just enough to pass around for demos or promotional purposes? Check out our short run duplication options. Copycats Media offers cheap CD duplication services in all job sizes, for all types of customers.

Our advantage is that we own the entire CD production chain. By joining together each distinct facet of our CD duplication services in one facility, we have realized significant efficiencies in time and labor. This in turn allows us to offer bulk CD duplication for less, without making compromises on quality or our ability to serve customers.

Bulk CD duplication capacity at Copycats Media is more than thirty thousand discs per day. Our duplication speed allows us to handle bulk CD duplication jobs fearlessly, and guarantee the turnaround time in our free quotes. We will have your finished CDs done on time and within budget, period.

At Copycats Media we'll take it a step further too. Our CD duplication syncs up flawlessly with our on-disc printing and packaging offerings. Award winning graphic designers on hand will be glad to showcase your CD duplication project's unique content with just the right touch and polish. Let us put the color face on your media, inside and out, for fantastic results.

We are confident that your new CD duplication project has found its home with Copycats Media. Contact us to get the ball rolling.