Mini & Specialty Packages

Mini / Specialty Disc Packages


Specialty CDs & DVDs for any occasion.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Designed to transform paper presentations into a multimedia experience, specialty CDs & DVDs are perfect for delivering your message with style!

Packages include:

  • 3" mini round CDs
  • Custom shaped CDs
  • Shaped DVDs, duplication
  • 1-4 color on-disc printing
  • Many packaging options available

CD Duplications

Copycats Media knows the fastest and most efficient way to make CD duplications. We have a list of extremely happy clients, because of our extended experience in CD duplication industry. Copycats, for almost a decade, have helped their customers create professional CD duplication projects. Our goal is to provide professional yet cheap CD duplication services with the best customer service. Whether you need one thousand CD's or one million CD's, Copycats CD duplication services are the best!

Looking for bulk CD duplication? Copycats Media is the company for you! Copycats centralize the entire CD duplication process into one facility. This has helped us to become work more efficiently and therefore offer clients cheap CD duplication services. When it comes to quality and speed Copycats Media is the professional CD duplication company for you.

Copycats Media has fast CD duplication turnaround times. Need a couple thousand CD's packaged and sent out in two days? Have no fear Copycats Media is here. We will put the order through our systems to complete your short-run CD duplications in no time. We guarantee our turnaround times, which means your CD duplication project will be completed, without a doubt, on time, and within budget.

Not only does Copycats help with CD Duplication, but we also provide creative and design services as well. Don't stress that your project won't be complete because you can't find the right design. Copycats will work with you to make certain your professional CD duplication project stands out.

Now that you have your CD duplications, let Copycats Media help out with the fulfillment too. Why have Copycats send your bulk CD duplications to another company only to have it re-shipped? Copycats Media can make it easy on you and take care of the delivery too! Copycats guaranteed delivery ensures that your CD duplication project arrives safely and on time to its final destination.

Copycats Media sells quality and low priced professional CD duplication services to all of its clients. No matter the size of your project, we guarantee you will be satisfied.