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We at COPYCATS know that time and money are not always an option. That's why we offer competitive product prices for CD & DVD Duplication projects. Whether you are looking for CD Duplication or DVD Duplication, we can offer high quality products that will complete your CD or DVD project. Contact COPYCATS about your next project today!

Cheapest CD Duplication

Looking for the cheapest CD duplication company online? Copycats Media is a professional CD duplication company that offers the cheapest CD duplication services on the web. Not only do we offer professional quality CD duplication, but we offer the lowest prices on any project. Whether you are looking for a short run or bulk CD duplication project, Copycats Media can help!

Copycats Media isn't the best, because it only offers cheap CD duplication services. We are the best, because we deliver your CD duplication package in the cleanest and most efficient way. Let our professional CD duplication team assemble your package and you won't be disappointed.

Our CD duplication process has been refined and tweaked to perfection. Copycats Media professional CD duplication services are based on over a decade of experience in the industry. We are now able to offer the cheapest CD duplication services to our customers while retaining a high quality end result. All of our CD duplication services are in house and this is one of the reasons why we are able to offer cheap CD duplication packages to our customers.

Looking for an entire package deal? Leave your bulk CD duplication project in our hands for cover design and distribution. Make it easy on yourself and let Copycats Media handle all channels from cheap CD duplication to distribution. Don't hesitate to call us and receive a quote today!

Copycats efficient way of delivering the end product to its clients allows us to cut on costs. This is good news for you! Copycats trims the extra bulk and cuts the extra weight so that we can offer the cheapest CD duplication packages. After the CD duplication is done ask us about assembling your CD's into sleeves, wallets, or shrink wrap.

Looking for a one stop shop for all your CD duplication needs? Need to find a professional, yet cheap CD duplication company? Then Copycats Media is the company for you. Our CD duplication services are better than any others on the web. Don't believe us? Then call 888-698-8008 and find out for yourself.