Printing Services


Looking Good is Feeling Good

One of the most important components of a CD or DVD package is the printed material. When done right, it sets your project apart. This is, unfortunately, where competitors cut corners. Not at COPYCATS. We know how important the look of your project is, which is why we offer the best cd duplication and cd printing services on the web. We take print seriously and are dedicated to the quality of your entire project.

Standards For The Future

We continually set the highest standards by providing you with the highest quality paper, several stock & finish options including 100% recycleable paper products.

Creative Solutions

We also pride ourselves on our extensive prepress services as well as custom & creative print solutions to meet every need. We sell quality, but won't be beat on price. Ask us about our cd duplication and cd printing services today!

CD Production CD Replication

Many people come to Copycats Media for top-notch CD production services. Many also come to us, because of our professional quality CD reproduction with quick turnaround times. Not only do we produce high quality projects, but we can handle high, and low, volumes while keeping our CD reproduction prices affordable.

Copycats Media CD production is not just creating professional quality discs in the least time possible. We provide the best customer service. Our team is prepared to answer any CD replication question you may have. Every client, from IBM to Prince, has been overly satisfied with our impeccable customer service. Whether you are looking for short-run or mass CD production services, our customer service team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Copycats Media customers with content ready for CD production sometimes need help with the design aspect. No need to fret. Copycats design team is perfectly capable of working with you to create a design that will help your CD ROM production project stand out. Allow our team to help with your next CD replication project and we guarantee that your experience with us will be a memorable one. This is just one more example of Copycats HI-FI CD production services.

After you have your CD reproduction project almost finished it's time to think about printing your designs. Why have your cover art marketing material printed elsewhere when you can package it with your other services right here with us. We always say, "Looking Good is Feeling Good". Copycats Media wants to make you feel good about your CD production experience. We want you to be proud of the CD ROM production project that we helped you to create.

Copycats Media promises delivery and fulfillment with the fastest turnaround times. Do you need a product tomorrow and want to use Copycats Media for their professional CD production services? No worries, we can fulfill your request. Copycats Media produces 30,000 CD's regularly in a single day. We can help you meet your deadline!

So contact us today to receive a free quote for your next CD production project!