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COPYCATS provides CD & DVD Duplication services at prices you can afford. Copycats Media is dedicated to becomoing the premier single source solution for independent records labels. We guarantee top quality product, unbeateable turnaround, and the most competitive prices available. We encourage you to browse our CD DVD Duplication Services above. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Cheap CD Duplication

CD duplication at Copycats Media is very competitively priced. Yet that is just one of many reasons why we are the place to go for cheap CD duplication. Not only are we able to offer low prices but we do it right, and fast.

Our CD duplication services are based on more than a decade of industry experience. We've honed and refined our process to offer cheap CD duplication services without compromise. Much of this is possible through incorporating every step along the way in-house at our facilities, saving time and money by avoiding the need to contract with third parties for different CD duplication stages. In turn this efficiency is our edge, the reason why we can do professional CD duplication work for less.

At our bulk CD duplication facility we create over thirty thousand discs a day. Yet each order we take on is handled individually, allowing the unique aspects of your project to shine through. Your high volume CD duplication needs will find a good match at Copycats Media.

Copycats does short run CD duplication too. Need just a handful of discs for demos or promotions? We've got you covered. There are no minimums in place for your orders and we will assist with any size project. Not everyone needs thousands or millions of CD copies, but we run the full gamut, handling large and small jobs.

Did you know that Copycats Media will assemble and package your CD duplication product? We also do design work, and have a very capable group of graphic designers on hand to create covers, disc faces, inserts and booklets to form the perfect complement to your media. Then we'll deliver the finished product, on time and within budget.

So don't delay, contact us about our cheap CD duplication services today!