Fulfillment Services


Refine Your Distribution Channels

Why have COPYCATS send product to a warehouse only to have it re-shipped somewhere else? Allow COPYCATS to fulfill your product to its final destination.

We provide full service dvd duplication and cd duplication. Regardless of inventory quantities or fulfillment complexity, COPYCATS can streamline your distribution channel. our attentive staff and proprietary software will ensure that your products arrive at the destination on time ... and to spec.

We sell quality, but won't be beat on price. Ask us about our full service dvd duplication prices today!

CD Reproduction CD Duplication

Copycats Media CD production services are top-notch in the industry. From our low CD production prices to our speedy turnaround times, you are in good hands with Copycats Media. We have worked with many different clients on many different CD reproduction projects.

From the first moment of contact to the day of delivery, our customer service department will be there to help with any aspect of your CD production project. Our Customer service team is trained to listen closely to each and every customers needs. Copycats Media is not here to tell you how your CD reproduction project should be handled, but rather to help make your vision a reality. We know that your sound is an expression of your creativity and we make no compromises with our CD Production services.

Need one or two thousand, maybe one or two million CD copies? Trust us to fulfill your order without a hassle. Mass CD production is handled with ease in our facilities. Copycats Media regularly turns out more than 30,000 CDs each day. You can be assured that any amount of CDs will be delivered on time. Copycats Media takes the stress off you. Let us take care of your CD production needs.

So you only need a couple thousand CDs? We can help you with your CD production project no matter the size. There is no job too big or too small for Copycats Media. Our expert staff will take on your CD ROM production project without a question. Copycats Media understands that even if the CD production project is small it still needs as much attention as larger volume projects.

Copycats Media is not limited to CD production projects by the way. We will happily take on your audio mastering needs in preparation of your CD production project. You can then inquire about our design services. We know the look and feel of your CD ROM production project must be unique. That is where our award-winning design team will help to make your next CD production project stand out from the crowd.

Don't hesitate, call us today for your CD production needs!