DVD Authoring Services


On Time And On Budget

Many of our competitors treat pricing and delivery dates as moving targets. Not COPYCATS. When we quote prices... there are no hidden costs. Whether you need our cd replication services or a dvd duplication package, when we commit to a deadline, there are no late deliveries. This is all the more surprising when you consider the fact that COPYCATS boasts the industry fastest turn times and aggressive pricing on all jobs.

The Speed You Need

Whether you are 20 miles or 3,000 miles away, COPYCATS Media will deliver your order on time. It’s part of what sets COPYCATS apart from the competition .. We favor everyone. An order of 500, no problem delivered on time. Order of 2 million, no problem, delivered on time.

Prices You Can Count On

Got your quote? Then you can count on the price holding firm. Hidden fees are dirty words in the COPYCATS offices. We pride ourselves on taking care to provide you accurate and rock solid pricing for whatever your package. Call us today to learn more.

Mass CD Production CD Duplication

Are you searching for a company to handle your next CD production project? If so, look no further. Copycats Media specializes in CD production and all related services. We can take care of everything from CD reproduction to fulfillment and everything in-between. Copycats Media is your one-stop shop for all your CD production needs!

We realized it doesn't make sense to ship your CD's elsewhere just to be re- shipped. This doesn't help out you or us. We decided to incorporate fulfillment services to streamline your distribution. Don't worry, Copycats Media guarantees that your project will be delivered in time.

Copycats Media has been in the CD production business for over a decade now. This experience has given us a leg up on the competition. We have learned ways to cut costs and streamline our workflow so that the client saves money without compromising the quality. Our entire CD ROM production team is located under one roof. Our customer service staff, engineers, and designers work close in cooperation to make every CD duplication job a success.

We have worked on many CD production projects, for example: we handled creation of two million CDs for Prince and his Musicology Tour. Not only did we handle creation of the discs, but we also took care of fulfillment and international distribution. Prince's mass CD production project went smoothly for both parties. Copycats Media can take on CD reproduction projects whether large or small.

Copycats Media can help with your design work too. Our skilled and experienced staff is trained to make your work stand out. Every CD production project that passes our designers hands will make a lasting first impression. We know that your project is an expression of your creativity and hard work, so ask us to help you create the best design for your CD production project.

Copycats Media is one call away. Pick up the phone and ask about our CD production services today!