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8-Panel Poster
Tray Card


Total Width = 241.3mm (9.5")
Total Height = 239.71mm (9.438")
Panel Width = 120.65mm (4.75")
Panel Height = 119.855mm (4.719")


Include a bleed of 3.7mm (.125") on all four sides. Don't forget that the cover is on the bottom right and the back is on the bottom left when designing an 8-Panel Poster.


Width is 0.5 pt. Letter size is 5 pt.
Line width knockout is 0.75 pt.
Letter size knockout is 6 pt. bold.


Total width, including spines = 150.5mm (5.925")
Total height = 117.5mm (4.626")
Spine width = 6.35mm (.25")
Actual back tray width = 137.8mm (5.425")


Include a bleed of 3.7mm (.125") on all four sides. Bar codes should be black on a white background. You can reduce the bar code only if the width and height are reduced by the same amount (65% max.).


Same requirements as 8-Panel Poster

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