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  • SMART BUSINESS: "Selecting COPYCATS as our sole CD & DVD vendor has been a smart business move. They handle all of our production and fulfillment needs - from beginning to end." Sharmila De Silva - Hot Dish Advertising, Mpls., MN
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: "The COPYCATS customer service team makes my life easy. I make the decisions. They manage the details." Michelle Bourgerie - Warehouse Intellect, Mpls., MN
  • QUICK TURN / CAN DO: "COPYCATS' quick turn capabilities and "can-do" corporate culture make them our vendor of choice for all our CD & DVD needs." Scott Moss - Digital1Shop, Mpls., MN
  • DISTRIBUTION / BUDGET: "COPYCATS' pricing means we always remain within budget." Cris Woolley, AEG Live, UK

On Time And In Budget

Deadlines are real. No one in the industry understands that better than COPYCATS: DVD Duplication Company. That's why we've invested in equipment that enables us to do the impossible, and people who are dedicated to you: the customer. Whether you need millions by next month or thousands today, partnering with COPYCATS is smart business.

  • Custom Print & Packaging Solutions
  • Graphic Design & Prepress Services
  • All Media Types Available, Including:
    CD, DVD, Mini & Many More!
  • Assembly, Inventory, Fulfillment
  • Guaranteed Turn Times
  • No Order Minimums

We manage the details... so you don't have to.

DVD Duplication and DVD Production

Take the work out of your DVD duplication project by partnering with Copycats Media. We manage DVD production completely in-house here at Copycats to provide you with a seamless experience. DVD duplication doesn’t have to be a tricky decision, let our expert staff orchestrate the process so you can focus on your business while we deliver the goods on time and within budget.

At our high-capacity facility we provide an end-to-end DVD duplication solution. Copycats Media will create your disc masters, execute on DVD production, and assemble and package your product. We can even print the labels, booklets and inserts. Our talented and award-winning design staff will add polish to present your DVD duplication project to your customers in the very best light.

All of this is backed by our ability to fulfill orders of any size and meet tight DVD production deadlines. Copycats Media produces thirty eight thousand discs a day and we are up to the challenge of meeting your DVD replication needs. Our process is efficient and flexible enough to accommodate the production of thousands or millions of DVDs, just as readily as we can help produce a handful of discs for a short run project, with no order minimums so you can get just the number of DVDs you need.

Our DVD duplication and manufacturing process is fast too. We will guarantee turnaround times and ensure that there are no delays in getting your product to you in the most expeditious manner possible. Copycats Media delivers – we handle inventory and fulfillment to complete the picture and deliver the finished product with the speed and efficiency that leaves all of our customers fully satisfied.

So get in touch with our dedicated DVD duplication staff today to set your project on the quick path to success!