DVD Packages

DVD Packages: Goods And Services


COPYCATS delivers the complete package.

When it comes to packaging DVD projects, the Amaray style case is the Hollywood standard. Its large format provides ample real estate for high impact design, making it the obvious choice when you want to grab your customers attention.

Packages include

  • Replicated discs with 1-3 color on-disc printing.
  • Upgrade to full-color for no additional charge.
  • Assembled into a DVD case and shrink-wrapped.
  • Need more? Ask about our numerous CD & insert options.

Cheap CD Duplication Services

You want perfect CD duplication. You want cheap CD duplication services with the quality of professional CD duplication product. You want it done right and delivered on time, and you don't want to pay more than you should for the project. Welcome to professional CD duplication by Copycats Media.

At Copycats Media we understand that you have a limited budget for CD duplication. We also understand that you do not want to waste time managing multiple vendors and bulk CD duplication houses. In fact the whole CD duplication experience would be better if you could just find the single CD manufacturer who can handle it all, without hassle, while meeting your deadlines and staying within your budget. Copycats Media has exactly what you're looking for.

We have incorporated each step of the CD duplication food chain into one seamless service, which is precisely what we offer to our customers. The ability to contract solely with us and get perfect CD duplication, assembly, CD packaging, inventory, shipping, and fulfillment all for one low price. Copycats Media can provide cheap CD duplication while producing product of the highest quality because of our end-to-end solution integration; we handle every aspect of our CD duplication services in-house at our high-capacity facility.

Is CD duplication by itself enough? Most customers need more than flawless CD copies. We offer bulk CD duplication, giving you thousands or even millions of CDs. We also offer packaging, spines, and retail-ready barcodes; check out our selection of CD sleeves and cases for your store-shelf needs. Not to mention amazing design work for your CD duplication product by our award-winning graphics artists, to maximize your CD's "first-look" impressions.

Our commitment to CD duplication service excellence drives everything we do. Get in touch with one of our account representatives to tell us how we can help you with your next project!