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Artist Spotlight: Hope Country

Hope Country

“I believe that with love and encouragement we can change the worst of atmospheres,” says Brent Johnson. Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Brent had a desire to see the world and travel at an early age. He began playing in bands at 17 and has since toured in over 40 states as well as all over Canada. His desire to create an environment and place of hope led him to start Hope Country in 2011. With an emphasis on strong songwriting and storytelling lyrics, Hope Country has developed into a prime example of modern-day Americana. On the road as much as possible, playing coffee shops to festivals across the U.S., Hope Country has had the opportunity to tour and share the stage with the likes of Judah & The Lion, Joseph, Johnnyswim, Brandi Carlile, Twin Forks, and many more. Visit the Hope Country website to pick up the new record.

Hope Country CD and Vinyl

Hey Brent, tell us about your experience working with Copycats Media.

It was wonderful! This is my fifth release I’ve done with Copycats. I had a great experience my first time with them and when I come back for each release, they remember me and make me feel like family. It’s always such a smooth and easy process working with Copycats.

Why is having physical product important to you?

We are on the road quite a bit, and as an independent touring artist, selling merchandise can be half our income. It’s good to have a nice looking merchandise set up tying your brand, release, and image together. Having vinyl and CDs is a very important part of that. It also allows for another way to meet and interact with fans. This is my product; in my hands and now it’s in your hands!