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We like to talk, like a lot. Sometimes we write about things that are important to our customers. And sometimes, well we just write things because we don’t know what else to do with ourselves.

WTF Is That? Bleeds


Welcome to our first installment of “WTF Is That?”. This is a new series of blog posts we will be doing to help shed a little light on some of the more *complicated* parts of CD, DVD, and vinyl manufacturing. We often get the same questions about the same things so we thought why not address each one of them individually to help you out? One of the biggest issues we come across when it comes to art files for print is BLEEDS. Bleeds you say? Like blood? Slow down Slayer, not blood. What we’re talking about here is print bleeds. Bleed, […]


IPR Forms, and why they’re important

ipr form

Why do I have to fill out an IPR form for my music project? We get it, filling out the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form can seem tedious, and not fun at all, but we promise there is a good reason Copycats has you do it. As one would assume, piracy is a big issue within the recording industry, even more so now we’re in this era of digital music. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has set up the IPR system to help battle the problem. If our customers don’t comply, the RIAA can file a (very expensive) lawsuit. Not […]


Artist Spotlight: Hope Country

Hope Country

“I believe that with love and encouragement we can change the worst of atmospheres,” says Brent Johnson. Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin, Brent had a desire to see the world and travel at an early age. He began playing in bands at 17 and has since toured in over 40 states as well as all over Canada. His desire to create an environment and place of hope led him to start Hope Country in 2011. With an emphasis on strong songwriting and storytelling lyrics, Hope Country has developed into a prime example of modern-day Americana. On the […]


Now What? Things To Do After Manufacturing

So you’ve just completed an order with Copycats. Now what?! Bringing awareness to your music has always been generous with its challenges. Recently, we had a Q&A session with some industry leaders in music promotion and discovery. We asked if they share some of those perspectives. Topics ranged from music distribution to promotion in both physical and digital mediums. RADIO Have a new CD of your music? Radio remains a perfect handcuff for physical distribution of music. It is also generally inexpensive to do so. With the exception of certain specialty shows, commercial airtime is closed to independent acts. Thankfully, the US has the world’s most robust and organized form of […]


Top 5 Reasons Your Art Files Were Rejected


Preparing art files can be a difficult step in completing your CD replication project. If you choose to do it on your own without any significant graphic design experience, you may run into problems during the prepress stage of the project. Here are the most common mistakes made when submitting art files to Copycats Media: NOT IN TEMPLATES Most problems arise from art files not being set up in our templates. We have templates of our most common packaging options at our website. You can download them for free. If you need a template for something that is not our website, […]

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