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Tips For Removing Scratches From Your Disc

We’ve all been there- your favorite CD gets scratched and suddenly songs are skipping, pausing, or not playing altogether. But contrary to popular belief, CDs are not ruined if they’re scratched! There are a variety of ways to repair scratched CDs that don’t involve throwing them away or buying a new disc. And you can find most of these options right around the house! Fixing a scratched CD is similar to fixing a scratch on your car- you want to polish the scratches out. You can use a variety of different plastic polishes, rubbing compounds, and in some cases even […]


What is the Difference Between Gracenote and CD Text?

In the digital age, a common question that we get from musicians is whether the album title and track names will show up when the disc is being played. The easy answer is that it depends on the steps you’ve taken beforehand; did you decide to use Gracenote or CD Text? What are the major differences? Is one better than the other? The long answer is that the difference between an Internet based device and a stand alone device require different forms of CD metadata in order for them to properly read the information. Let’s unpack this. CD Text CD […]


The Past, Present and Future of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been on the rise for years, and are currently one of the most common trends for music lovers spanning across Gen-X to millennials and of course, baby boomers and beyond. However, the rise and fall of the success of vinyl is a history that spans almost a century, and is considered to be the main music format across the globe. The Beginning of Vinyl The history of vinyl goes all the way back to the 1800’s, when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph that could both record and produce sound. Throughout the 20th century, vinyl was the main […]


What is an ISRC?

Hey blog aficionados- have you ever thought about what it takes to protect your music? Whether you’re a new artist or are a veteran in the industry, the logistical aspects in making sure your music is protected can be overwhelming, complicated, and annoying to deal with when we’d rather be focusing on making our own music. So what are your options for protecting your music? What are the best ways for you to make sure you’re protecting your rights? The ISRC, or the International Standard Recording Code, is a permanent international identification system for music, sound and video recordings. It’s […]


Designed By Copycats: You Vs. Yesterday

A few weeks ago our designer, Alexis, had the pleasure of working with Ohio natives, You Vs. Yesterday, for their release How’s This for Honesty. They had been working together on a handful of designed cover projects and illustrations for the last year. So, naturally it made sense to introduce them to Copycats for a physical release. Here’s a bit of the background behind the project: Initially, You Vs. Yesterday came to Alexis to illustrate the cover artwork that would represent the acoustic version of this song. The track was going to be released into the world on its own, but […]

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