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We like to talk, like a lot. Sometimes we write about things that are important to our customers. And sometimes, well we just write things because we don’t know what else to do with ourselves.

What in the World is a Vector?

What in the world is a vector? TLDR; vectors are graphic shapes created on a computer that can be scaled infinitely without affecting the quality of an image.  You might want to keep reading, don’t worry it’s not long! Vectors are graphic objects that are created in vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign and are used for various web and print functions. The text you are currently reading is vectorized, the logo on this website was once a vector, and the shapes on your phone’s home screen were created using vectors. These vectors are specific to the […]


The Past, Present and Future of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been on the rise for years, and are currently one of the most common trends for music lovers spanning across Gen-X to millennials and of course, baby boomers and beyond. However, the rise and fall of the success of vinyl is a history that spans almost a century, and is considered to be the main music format across the globe. The Beginning of Vinyl The history of vinyl goes all the way back to the 1800’s, when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph that could both record and produce sound. Throughout the 20th century, vinyl was the main […]


What is an ISRC?

Hey blog aficionados- have you ever thought about what it takes to protect your music? Whether you’re a new artist or are a veteran in the industry, the logistical aspects in making sure your music is protected can be overwhelming, complicated, and annoying to deal with when we’d rather be focusing on making our own music. So what are your options for protecting your music? What are the best ways for you to make sure you’re protecting your rights? The ISRC, or the International Standard Recording Code, is a permanent international identification system for music, sound and video recordings. It’s […]


WTF is that? PMS Colors

Pantone swatch book

Welcome to our next installment of “WTF Is That?”! We’re going to start off on the easy side today. We will be tackling the elusive, Sasquatch of color: the Pantone Matching System. Also referred to PMS Colors.  So, what IS Pantone? Well my friend, it’s quite simple. It’s just a standardized color system. Your regular office printer, or in Copycat’s case–our large offset printers, use the standard CMYK printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key = Black) system. Pantone is just another way to specify colors. The difference of Pantone being that the color range is broader, and more exact than offset printing. Using Pantone you can even achieve metallics […]


WTF Is That? Bleeds


Welcome to our first installment of “WTF Is That?”. This is a new series of blog posts we will be doing to help shed a little light on some of the more *complicated* parts of CD, DVD, and vinyl manufacturing. We often get the same questions about the same things so we thought why not address each one of them individually to help you out? One of the biggest issues we come across when it comes to art files for print is BLEEDS. Bleeds you say? Like blood? Slow down Slayer, not blood. What we’re talking about here is print bleeds. Bleed, […]