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Cleaning & Maintaining Your Vinyl Collection

cleaning and maintaining vinyl records

Rolling Stone recently featured an article on how to clean and maintain your vinyl collection, and it got us thinking, how important is it to regularly clean your records? What are the best methods?

Whether it’s a brand new disc or your grandparents’ record collection, a solid cleaning will not only keep them in better condition, but will improve the sound quality of your favorite music.

Cleaning Brushes

A cleaning brush is vital to cleaning your record, but it’s important to use a brush that’s anti-static, or it could turn your record into a magnet for dust. Each time you play your record, small amounts of dust will build up, and using the wrong brush will cause additional dust to collect over time. You can find a perfect cleaning brush at a wide variety of music stores for less than $20!

When using your brush, be sure to place the record on the turntable, turn it on, and place the brush lightly on the record. Start on the inside grooves and work your way to the outside- be SURE not to press too hard, and avoid touching it with your hands! Your fingers are oily and will transfer onto the record- we definitely don’t want that.

Cleaning Solution/Cloth

Cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth allow for a deeper clean on a record- you can get deeper into the grooves to remove dust and dirt. There are a variety of spray and cloth sets you can purchase that are alcohol free and specifically for records- be sure to use a microfiber cloth!

Spray the solution lightly onto the cloth and wipe in a circular motion. Similar to the cleaning brush, be careful not to press too hard. Be sure to let it dry before you play it!

Storing Your Records

Your records are clean, covered and protected, so now you have to worry about storage. There are plenty of options for storing your records, but the main rule of thumb is to never stack your records horizontally. This can cause pressure to weigh down on your vinyls that can potentially distort them.

What’s considered the best option for storing your vinyls? Interestingly enough, IKEA storage cubes! The portable shelving units are one of the most widely used storage solutions for vinyls- they come in a wide variety of finishing options and are perfectly sized to fit vinyl records. However it’s important to be mindful of the weight, you don’t want your records taking a spill from overloading one of the storage units.

A vinyl crate is another great option for storage- they’re big enough to store upwards of 75 vinyls apiece and will keep them vertically stacked!

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