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Completely Custom: Shredders

Shredders - Dangerous Jumps

Time to feature another custom package we had the opportunity to manufacture here at Copycats! This time around, we were lucky to have the opportunity to work with our friends, and yet another Doomtree Records artist: Shredders.

For the inaugural release for Shredders, we added a few unique elements to really make the packaging shine. We printed and manufactured both the vinyl record and cd. There are a lot of similarities on both, but lets start with vinyl!

The vinyl jacket was printed on uncoated card stock with a spot UV. Hard to tell from photos, this really should be seen in person. The texture of the uncoated stock paired with the glossy spot UV is a unique combination that adds a bit of detail that stands out against the black and grey theme they’re using with the art. The vinyl itself was manufactured on white vinyl and then inserted into a black sleeve. Further utilizing the minimal black and white. On top of all that, they also included an 8 panel poster insert that has a nice large image on one side and lyrics to the songs on the backside. All together this is an extremely cohesive piece that looks really cool.

Keep scrolling for some more detailed images.

Shredders - Dangerous Jumps Vinyl Cover


Shredders - Dangerous Jumps Vinyl Record


Shredders - Dangerous Jumps Vinyl Insert

Pretty cool, don’t you think? That large poster turned out fantastic. So, as we typically do, the cd package is almost exactly the same as the vinyl, just smaller.

All of the same features as the vinyl apply. Uncoated stock with a spot UV. An 18 panel poster insert is used for the image and lyrics.

Shredders - Dangerous Jumps CD Package

All in all a really special and unique package that we were so happy to have been able to be a part of. Get your hands on a copy and see for yourself!