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Completely Custom: Vacation in Hell

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell

Another installment of “Completely Custom,” this time featuring the latest from Flatbush Zombies, “Vacation in Hell.”

We were lucky to have the opportunity to work on the newest Flatbush Zombies release , “Vacation in Hell, ” and let us be the first to tell you, this one is INCREDIBLE. The “don’t look directly at it,” kind of incredible, because you may go blind from coolness.

First we started with a 6 panel digipak. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Nay, not simple at all! This one was printed with a matte finish PLUS a spot glitter UV. We were able to mix actual, real life, full on glitter into to the standard UV finish. Since it’s mixed into the UV coating, the glitter itself doesn’t fall off the packaging but is able to mimic and accentuate the glitter that was used in their original photography. Starting to sound cool, right?

The package also comes with a 24 panel poster fold insert AND a custom trading card featuring one of the three guys of Flatbush Zombies. These trading cards are wicked cool. Each card was printed in full color on a holographic board, but with some of the design knocked out of the print which allows the holographic board stock to show through in some places. The back side of the card also has the same sparkly glitter UV coating as the digipak. Super awesome right?! Unfortunately you will only get one of the three cards in each package; so you don’t know who you are going to get. 

Scroll down for some more photos. But lets be honest, you should probably just grab a copy for yourself. The pictures don’t do the package enough sparkly glittery justice.

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell 2

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell 3

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell 4

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell 5

Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell 6