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How To Use Download Cards To Sell That Music, Yo

Download Cards

We’ve been selling digital download cards at Copycats Media for some time now, and in a variety of ways. There are many practical and innovative ways to use them. Here are a couple ways to consider using download cards to get your music to your fans.

SUPPLEMENT an existing / older record:  You released an album a couple years ago and it has sold pretty well. You ordered a thousand or maybe two thousand copies and are nearing the bottom of the barrel. There are maybe only a couple CDs left in your inventory.

Naturally, you’d think to order more. However, you’re releasing a new CD in the next month and sales of the old album have really slowed down. It wouldn’t make much sense to order another batch of 1000 replicated CDs or even 100 duplicated CDRs of the old album if you have a new one coming out soon. You’ll want your fans to purchase the newest record, right? But if there’s a demand for the old CD, no matter how small or infrequent, you feel obligated to supply it. What do you do? Order download cards!

ADD a download card to your vinyl project: Yes! Vinyl is back! And while the audiophile in us here at Copycats are excited, our iTunes accounts sometimes miss out on that record purchase we make to support a touring artist. So how do you bridge the gap? Order download cards! We offer the addition of a download card to your vinyl project for a small upgrade cost. That way your fans can not only have a high quality record in their possession, but be able to listen to your music digitally. Why wouldn’t you enhance that fan experience?

THE LOWDOWN: We host the data for free; all you have to do is sell, distribute, or include the uniquely coded card to your fans. They are incredibly inexpensive, and you can sell the cards as a stand-alone item, package them with your new vinyl project (or even CD!), or you can even bundle a download of that old record with your new release.

These are just a few of the advantageous ways you can use download cards to help sell your music. If you have questions, or would like a price quote for these cards, feel free to request a quote!