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Copycats works with independent artists in a way that our competitors haven’t yet figured out. We make it a point to work directly with you in an approachable, open-minded way that allows you to stay in charge of your sound and look via in-person interactions and outstanding customer service. While our top competitor, Disc Makers, works entirely online, Copycats is a real brick-and-mortar business that’s happy to take your calls or have a one-on-one conversation in our Minneapolis location. Forget about submitting forms and failing to get a response for days; Copycats loves to interact with artists to help make the absolute best products on time and in budget — even if a client’s demands are outside of our usual scope.

Copycats is dedicated to supporting the production goals of all of our clients by striving to provide the most affordable, most satisfying, best quality manufacturing experience in the industry. When you’re ready to take that next step and prepare your new album for a smash-hit release, give us a call — we’ve been ready for you from the very first note!

Garage bands to grammy winners

Copycats helps all musicians – from garage bands to Grammy winners. Our packages add to the portability and protection of your product, but they can do so much more. With the appropriate package design, you’ll stand out among those just burning blank CDs and scribbling on them with a Sharpie. In time, with several outstanding products, you won’t just develop brand loyalty and move more products, you’ll develop brand equity as well. Soon, people will be looking for what’s next.

Copycats brings you a great advantage in that we help with decision making and planning. We talk to our clients, providing personalized, custom solutions to all your design needs. With our years of experience, we’re going to help you find the solutions that will promote your CDs or DVDs with the perfect product you envision.

DVD Manufacturing

At Copycats, we use the Singulus Spaceline to produce discs with different capacities and formats. The Singulus line has the following qualitative parameters: high-production capacity, precision and repetition of the production parameters in cooling, metallization and sticking the two halves of the DVD disc. The line performs a 100% test of the discs for optical and mechanical defects, which guarantees a yield of over 90% and the highest quality product.

Digipaks, Wallets, Sleeves, and Bulk Packages

Copycats digipak packages are eco-friendly and have a unique style to fit any artist’s needs. Our package options are standard gloss, uncoated, or soft matte finish. We also offer affordable light and fast packages for wallets/sleeves. It’s an efficient way to deliver the CD or DVD with no extra charges.

We get that sometimes the artist needs their media fast and in bulk. We can provide you with thousands next month or hundreds by next week. Whatever the case may be, we’ll make it happen. Copycats also understands that a hundred things could go wrong at the very last minute. Rest easy knowing that we are the fastest automated duplicator in the world. No matter what the order quantity, we offer our services to everyone from the aspiring artist to the established Grammy winner.


Looking good is feeling good. One of the most important components of a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or vinyl package is the printed material. When done right, it sets your project apart from the rest. This is, unfortunately, where competitors cut corners. Not at Copycats. We know how important the look of your project is, which is why we offer the best manufacturing and printing services on the web. We take print seriously and are dedicated to the quality of your entire project.

Our DVD and Blu-ray Services are Comprehensive

You’ll find every type of DVD duplication and replication product you need available to you from Copycats. Check out some of our products:

  • Authoring – Need a DVD menu? We’ve got you covered. Whether it is an animated or static menu, Copycats has you covered. Whatever concept you have, we can, and will, create.
  • Closed Captioning (CC) and Subtitling – Display your Closed Captioning text on a television, video screen or any other type of visual display to provide additional or interpretive information.
  • Translation – Need to reach people all over the world? We can translate to or from English into and language you desire.
  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) – Allow your movie to be stretched and played on a theater screen without losing quality. We follow all Oscar qualification standards.
  • Mastering – Let us create the master disc to be used in replicating your next project.
Copycats and the Enviornment

We only have one Earth, and Copycats Media refuses to be party to its destruction. We want to help others become a part of the solution with our eco-friendly options for CD manufacturing. Over the years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve developed a ton of environmentally sound packaging procedures and techniques. We are fully committed to doing what we can to slow global warming. Ask a Copycats sales representative about how we can help you minimize the environmental impact of your work while maximizing the visibility of your music.

We can reduce your footprint with our eco-friendly packaging concepts. We can stuff more CDs into packages, reduce the amount of paper used, which saves trees and reduce the amount of plastic we use to save fossil fuels. Our slim and lightweight materials save space and weight, and that reduces storage costs and fuel consumption.

We can package your music in 100% recycled material. We offer CD sleeves, disc wallets and DigiPaks made completely from recycled board and DigiPak trays made totally from recycled plastic. The plastic we use is made from materials containing a minimum of 35% post-consumer waste.

We believe one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. We ensure that we only work with third parties who abide by our principles of commitment to the environment. The companies in our supply chain provide their workers with a safe environment and treat them like human beings, not cogs in a machine.

Delivery on Time and on Budget

Many of our competitors treat pricing and delivery dates as moving targets. Not Copycats. When we quote prices, there are no hidden costs, no elements out of your project scope and, most importantly, no fluff. Whether you need CD replication, DVD duplication, or wallet and sleeve design, when we commit to a deadline, there are no late deliveries.

What’s even more surprising? The fact that Copycats boasts the industry’s fastest turnaround times and the most affordable pricing on all jobs. Not to mention the personalized attention you’ll receive from your very own personal sales representative.