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Benefits of Short Run Duplication

short run cds

A significant portion of our projects here at Copycats Media are CD or DVD replication projects. This means that they are made from a glass master. Typically, the minimum quantity for a replication order is 500 units. But what if you do not need 500 copies of your CD or DVD? That’s when you turn to duplication services.

The words duplication and replication may seem interchangeable, but they are not. Replication is the process of creating a glass master and pressing CDs or DVDs from scratch. Duplication is the process of taking blank, recordable media (CDRs or DVDRs) and writing the information on these discs with a laser. This is the exact process that occurs when you burn a CD or DVD on your computer.

With replicated CDs or DVDs, you have the benefit of a lower unit price and a slightly more durable disc than duplicated CDRs and DVDRs. But there are good reasons why many customers choose the duplication process. Here are some of them:

LOWER QUANTITIES AVAILABLE As mentioned earlier, replication projects often require a minimum order of 500 units. This is because of the extensive pre-production work that takes place before the pressing begins. We won’t explain all of it here, but you can read the Wikipedia entry on CD manufacturing to learn more. With CD and DVD duplication, you don’t have all of that extensive set-up, as mentioned before, it’s just like burning a disc on your computer. You take a blank CDR or DVDR, place it in the drive, and click a button to begin the duplication process. This allows us to sell quantities as low as 100 units. Your print options may still be limited at lower quantities, but you’re able to get however many discs as you need.

FASTER TURN TIMES Because duplication projects do not require the aforementioned glass mastering process, we are able to begin duplicating your discs as soon as you submit your master. CD and DVD duplication projects are generally completed a few days quicker than a replication project. This is good to know for rush projects. If you need CDs or DVDs in a matter of days, then duplication is often the way to go, even if you are ordering a larger number of units. While the replication process can be sped up to meet your deadline, it will cost you rush fees.

DIGITAL PRINT OPTION While most of our CD and DVD disc faces are printed offset or screen printed, you can also opt for a full-color digital print option.

Those are just a couple reasons to go with the duplication instead of replication.  If you need a price quote for either, feel free to contact us.